About us

About us


The Ripclear story begins in 2014, when co-founder Ryan Doherty destroyed his third snow goggle lens of the season from MT Bachelor rime ice.

So he contacted his best friend and product designer extraordinaire, co-founder Zach Hines.

They did a google/amazon search for something (anything!) that could prevent expensive goggles from scratching and nothing of the sort existed!

That launched Ripclear!

The biggest hurdle the two faced was developing a plastic that could fit on all surfaces while remaining optically clear.

There was nothing like it on the market, so the plastic had to be created from the ground up. After years of creating and testing plastics, they finally found the right design.

Once the plastic was created, Zach and Ryan brought their product to market. They started at trade shows, where the response was overwhelming.

They quickly realized that snow goggles were not the only optics whose protection needs were not being met, and that there was the whole world of optics and devices whose users were scratching their gear.

The Ripclear Team

The team we’ve built at Ripclear is a team that truly believes in our own products and also gets out there and uses them. We’re a diverse group of creatives, optics geeks, sales masters, and start up specialists who have vision and experience. Our team strives to develop cutting edge patents and products to improve your next great adventure.

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Ripclear Supports Community

We do support community! It’s not just a catch phrase that we use lightly, throw around to make us look cool or just attach our Brand to a random non-profit. We are part of the outdoor community. Our internal staff are athletes and outdoors people that are just like you, committed to adventure and helping where and when we can.

There are a number of ways we give back to the greater community including sponsoring athletes, co sponsoring events and weighing in on access and usage topics as a manufacturer.

We are a 4 season company making 4 season products, engaging all year long in meaningful relationships that lift community members up to push their personal boundaries and push our products to the limit, at the same time.

Ripclear offers Rewards and Special Deals to our customers and community members to say thanks.

Ripclear Athletes

There you are, out there in the moment, doing what you do best, ripping it up. At the end of the day, clear vision matters. As an Athlete, wouldn’t be nice to know you have the support of a great company that is committed to keeping your vision clear and scratch free so you can go to the next level?

We think so! That is why we have created the Ripclear Athlete Team. Our current Team Athletes come from almost every sport and from around the world.

Part of joining our team includes creating great content, sharing  your content on our social media and being a part of local events we sponsor. In general, we support you and you support us.

Are you interested in joining the Ripclear Athlete Team? Take a few minutes and checkout our Athlete Sponsorship page for all the details.


How Ripclear Works

Wondering how Ripclear Lens Protectors work? Don’t worry, our lens scratch protectors are legit!. You will be happy you found Ripclear and got them installed!


Superior Technology

Your view through a Ripclear layer is engineered for clarity and scratch protection at the highest levels found on the market. Now it’s up to you to get out there and do your own test.


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We cover many Brands, product types and individual models of Eyewear protectors, camera screen and lens protectors, GPS and Smartwatch protectors and more.. Start shopping now!




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