Going Further with GoPros

Going Further with GoPros




Not only have GoPros been the go to accessory for people participating in adventurous activities; but they have recently become the hottest gadget next to an iPhone for anyone to own. People use GoPros for a variety of different activities. Some of these activities include snowboarding, racing, surfing, and sky diving. Ripclear’s camera protectors are durable up to the most extreme usages, which is what most people use GoPros for. Ripclear makes camera protectors for the GoPro Hero 4 Black, GoPro Hero 4 Silver, and the GoPro Hero 3/3+ Black/Silver. Now, GoPros are breaking their way into the lives of everyday people who use them to capture memories and footage from less extreme activities such as traveling and attending music festivals.




For anyone unfamiliar with a GoPro, it is a small device that allows you to capture footage and can be easily mounted onto anything such as a wrist strap or a helmet. All GoPros are waterproof which allows you to capture all that you could ever dream of. Even better, all Ripclear camera protectors are waterproof as well so your lens will always be protected no matter what kind of weather condition you are in. GoPros have become so popular due to the fact that they are able to capture point-of-view photos and videos which a normal camera or a camera on a phone are unable to do.



GoPros range from $129.99-$499.99. Purchasing a GoPro is quite an investment and if you were to scratch or damage your lens, that would have you pulling more money out of your pocket. Wouldn’t you rather be spending that money on your next adventure then having to replace a lens? That’s where Ripclear comes in. Our Camera Lens Protectors ensure that your lens will stay scratch free and clean like all of our other products!

This video shows footage that was all shot on a GoPro that a had a Ripclear camera protector on it. No need to worry about the protector getting in the way of capturing all your memories on and off of the slopes! It’s common for the housing to get easily scratched from all of the extreme things users are doing with their GoPros. Let Ripclear save you from this trouble and let you enjoy your next adventurous activity.

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