Happy Father’s Day From Ripclear

Happy Father’s Day From Ripclear

First off, we wanted to wish all the Dad’s our there a Happy Father’s Day from Ripclear. Dad’s are the ones who are on the mountain or in the stands always helping us focus and improve. When we’re young we learn from them and they teach us how to carve up the mountain the way they did but as we grow older we try to show them a few tricks we’ve learned on our own. So, why not give your Dad a little love and wish him a happy father’s day with this awesome Ripclear #1 Dad hand!

Fathers are important to Ripclear

Remember, Dads get us into the sport by buying or renting the ski and snowboard equipment we love and by supporting us so we can shred as often as possible. So take the time to print, cut, and show your Dad how much you care!

We’ve even included the Ripclear Number 1 Dad Hand Template  for you to cut out so you can make your very own!
Happy Father's Day From Ripclear Hand

Happy Father’s Day From Ripclear – Download the Ripclear #1 Dad Hand Template!

In the template we’ve included the blue hulk Ripclear had formatted for an 8.5″ x 11″ printer. Just download the PDF, print, cut and tape or glue your two side together. You can use a couple folded sheets of paper to make a stick or just use your hand, what ever makes your day. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes total so you’ll be set to show your dad who’s number 1!

If you would like to share some awesome pics of your dad post them to our Facebook page or Twitter page. We’d Love to see them!

Until next time, Happy Father’s Day from Ripclear!


PS you might want to buy him a little present, visit our store to see what we offer!

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