How It Works

How It Works

How Ripclear Works

Don’t Wait For The First Scratch




 The Ripclear Advantages

Everyday our lives are filled with eyewear lenses and device screens and everyday there is a chance we are going to get a scratch on one of them. With the addition of Ripclear lens scratch protectors, when your product is new, you can rest at ease knowing that your original lens or screen is scratch free below the protective layer. Simply peel Ripclear away and you are back to the brand new look and clarity you love. But of course, reapply new Ripclear!

Extended Lens Lifespan

Superior Lens and Device Screen Scratch Protection

Do you own sunglasses, a GoPro or a cell phone with a screen? Yeah, we do too and no matter how hard we try, scratches happen. After a number of scratches the visual clarity starts to get annoying and can be dangerous depending on how critical clear vision is for the activity you are into. We have sourced military grade layer materials that have passed every test thrown at them Get Ripclear installed on a brand new lens or device and thank us later.

The Reason You Need Ripclear

Every device you own that has an optical component can benefit from Ripclear. Throughout your daily life, you constantly encounter situations that can scratch your gear. What is the point of paying top price for a pair of sunglasses, goggles or a cell phone, only to have the screen or lens ruined because of a few perfectly placed scratches in the middle of your vision path? Ripclear offers a clear advantage as a common sense way to protect your gear and give it a longer lifespan. You will experience the biggest benefit applying Ripclear when you first buy something new and the lens or screen is perfectly clear. At the same time, adding Ripclear to your used lens or screen will stop any future scratches.

In fact, there is no good reason not to add Ripclear to your lenses or devices, unless you like replacing your equipment because of avoidable scratches.


Ripclear layers are the key to it’s amazing function. This layer system provides unmatched scratch protection, clear vision and ease of application.


It does not take an optics professional to see the difference between a scratched lens and one without scratches. See for yourself!


Ripclear is a clear film that adheres to almost any lens or screen. Once applied, it virtually disappears, leaving that look you love.




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