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How to Clean Your Precious Ski Goggles!


In honor of Ripclear’s up and coming lens cleaning kit, we decided to share with everyone the right way to clean your ski goggles so that they are ready for your Ripclear lens protectors. Our new lens cleaning kit will include a microfiber cloth, a wet wipe, a goggle bag, and instructions!

Read the instructions below so that your next trip will be more about shredding and less about dirty, scratched goggles.




One major thing you should always remember is that your goggles should never be loose when not in use.  Those expensive goggles that you paid a ton of money for deserve to be scratch free and tucked safely in a goggle bag.  Better yet, add a hard case to keep them extra safe.  You do not want your goggles turning out like the one’s below.




 Cleaning Materials

If you have yet to purchase our cleaning kit, using your goggle bag to keep it nice will do… for now.  The important thing to remember when wiping down your lenses it to make sure that they are dry in order to preserve the anti fog element that you paid so much for.

In all honesty it does not take a lot of work to keep your goggles clean.  Just treat them right and they will be good to you.  However, keep in mind that wiping down your lenses at the end of the day will not fix scratches, a permanent nuisance.

In order to keep your goggles life span from falling short, purchase our Ripclear lens protecters and say goodbye to scratches! It is never to early to purchase these products and have them ready for the upcoming shred season







Clean goggles along with our Ripclear lens protecters will ensure that you can do a trick like the one shown below without worrying about your precious (and expensive) ski goggles! Why wait? Protect your goggles now!




*Inspiration for this post from Ski Monster*

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