Lens Care

Lens Care


Protector Care

To ensure that your lens maintain their crystal clear quality, Ripclear Lens protector packs also include a microfiber cloth, wet wipes, a static cling sheet, and dust removers. Before and after application we recommend utilizing all included items.


  • Watch our “How to Apply” videos here for demonstrations on the best way to clean your lens before and after application.
  • Always clean your lens before apply Ripclear lens protectors.
  • Save your microfiber cloth, they are reusable and helpful while out at play.
  • If you decide not use a Ripclear lens protector, check out our cleaning kits to make sure your lens is clean and ready to go.


  • Ripclear protectors come in a  convenient resealable package that will keep your unused Rips protected until you are ready to utilize them.
  • Avoid keeping your packs in very cold or very hot places (ex. Dashboard of your car, on top a radiator, in a snow bank, Jupiter’s moon Lo, etc)
  • Extreme hot or cold temperatures can cause the plastic to warp and change texture

Generally, you’ll want to store your eyewear or device in a case so when you’re not using them they stay as fresh and clean as possible. With eyewear, throw them in a microfiber cloth bag and you’ll be set.


  • While Ripclear protectors are rated to the highest standards for clarity, if they affect your vision do not use while in motion.
  • Ripclear protectors are made to withstand impacts, your body is not. Avoid impacts at all cost.
  • All Ripclear protectors meet the ANSI Z87.1 tests for clarity.



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