Escape the Heat this Summer: Ride Mt. Hood

Escape the Heat this Summer: Ride Mt. Hood





Looking to shred down the mountain but there’s no sight of snow in your area? Stop looking and take a quick read. One of the top ski resorts for the summer is Timberline Lodge, Oregon, USA. Timberline Lodge was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1977, which shows how truly magical this place is. This lodge located in Mt. Hood has 3,690 vertical feet of fresh powder that has nothing against our Ripclear lens protectors and has a ski season that lasts a lot longer than a majority of mountains.




If you’re looking for more than just a vacation there’s great news for you. They offer a summer pass that is valid 7 days a week until there summer season is over! Mt. Hood is typically home to advanced riders during the summer so you may want to get a few years of snowboarding or skiing under your belt before you take on the mountain. They only have 1 public lane open that is 2-4 cat tracks wide. Another important thing to know is that this trail is not ride off/ride on. You will have to walk to the lift at the bottom. Timberline Lodge is family friendly offering something different for everyone. Activities they have besides hitting the slopes include hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and camping which would be the perfect opportunity to use Ripclear phone and camera protectors to make sure all of your memories will come out crystal clear. They also have an option of riding the magical mile sky ride which will leave you with a breathtaking view of Mt. Hood.




Most of the mountain throughout the summer is dedicated to summer camps. There are a few camps that call Mt. Hood home for the summer and the camps mentioned on Timberline Lodge’s official website include Timberline Snow Camps, Windells, and High Cascade Snowboard Camp. With Timberline Snow Camps, they are able to provide you with an overnight stay at the lodge for the duration of the camp and have two separate camps to choose from which include “race” or “freestyle.” Not only do they help you improve your skills on the slopes, but they offer various afternoon activities off of the mountain for you to enjoy during your down time. What’s really unique about the race camp is they “shoot, edit, and provide a personal videos for each overnight camper!” You could even try making your own personal video, just rip on one of Ripclear’s camera protectors and start shooting! Talk about re-living your time spent at Timberline Snow Camp anytime you want!



Windells is know as “The Premier Year Round Action Sports Camp & The ‘Funnest’ Place On Earth!” Windells offers various different camps for both skiing and snowboarding and for all ages at any level. Did you know Ripclear makes lens protectors for various brands and different size goggles? Check out this video of the snowboarding camp from 2 years ago! (You still have time to sign up for sessions 3-6)



High Cascade Snowboard Camp is for the avid snowboarders who aren’t looking to share terrain with skiers (although they do allow skiers in half of their camps.) You’ll be able to shred the mountain and rock our Ripclear lens protectors on High Cascade has 2 private parks that are “made for 100% snowboarding.” Their main park & half pipes look sick!




So get your toes out of the sand and get your goggles ready (with Ripclear lens protectors-of course!)


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