Rime Ice – The Lens Destroyer!

Rime Ice – The Lens Destroyer!

This snow turns to Rime Ice really quick!

Rime Ice, a silent but deadly lens killer!

If you have spent enough time on mountains “Rime Ice” has made an impact on your sessions and your gear whether you realize it or not. In simple terms, Rime Ice is frozen fog. If you have ever ridden past trees like those pictured above, you have been in an area effected by that pesky Rime Ice. When a bearded mountain man arrives at the base lodge with a beard full of snow/ice on a dry day, that is the work of Rime Ice. Most of your gear is designed to withstand the elements, and that includes the wear and tear of Rime Ice. However, there is one piece of equipment which offers very little resistance against the destructive powers of Rime Ice; your goggle lens.
As your fellow powder hound, I fully understand that some of the best days are going to be those with the worst weather forecasts. These conditions are what led to the creation of Ripclear! Before Ripclear there was no proper or safe way to clear your lens of that inch of ice that formed just from riding the chairlift. Having a microfiber cloth in your hand all day while riding seemed to be the only half-way decent solution, but still very inconvenient. Every rider has tried to clear their lens of ice with their gloves at least once, only to learn that scratches are inevitable and sometimes render your goggle lens useless. This is where Ripclear comes to save the day! With the Ripclear protective film your vision will not be impeded, and you wont have to go searching through your pockets every ten minutes looking for something to clear your lens with. Instead, you can use whatever you would like! Gloves tend to be the most popular option, but we have cleared our goggles with everything from the likes of carbineers to sticks from the forest. All with no damage to our lens whatsoever. This is the winter were you can keep those lens so fresh and so clear. Come get in sync with the future of the snow industry and keep those lenses functional for years rather than months.
Gettin that Rime Ice off


See you on the mountains!

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