Meet Our Ripclear Featured Rider, Brandon Gee!

Meet Our Ripclear Featured Rider, Brandon Gee!



Brandon Gee is pursuing a career that involves one of his greatest passions, skateboarding. What sets him apart from other athletes with the same dream is his ability to not rely solely on athleticism.  His drive, focus, and positive attitude allow him to be the best skateboarder he can be. Check out the videos below to get a look into his world. Continue scrolling down to check out our Q&A with Brandon.

We asked Brandon a few questions about his journey to public recognition. His responses allow readers to see that with hard work, and the right mindset, doing what you love is not so far out of reach.


Skating down stairs


How did you acquire your passion for skateboarding?

“I was always very active and played pretty much every sport up until my freshman year of high school, that is where I found my passion for skateboarding. I was on my high school basketball and baseball team and was also playing tennis but never fell in love with any of those sports. I was always very good so my dad would take me all over the place to play but I just wasn’t passionate about it. One day I came home from school when I was fourteen and I knew I needed to do something new. I was sitting at the dining-room table and saw poking out of the basement closet an old skateboard with red grip-tape that I used to sit on and “luge” down hills when I was little. I told myself “maybe I could be good at that” and took it out and rode around outside, the rest is history. When I was young I played soccer for a highly ranked team for a few hectic years. My coach was a really loud aggressive guy and I think that is what really turned me away from team sports.”


Skateboarding in City w: Grass


How often do you train per week?

“I skate every-day. I just try and go out and have as much fun as I can. I am definitely my biggest critic so I try to stay sharp.”

How many hours in a day?

“The hours I put in each day can vary. Sometimes I will push all over downtown for just a few hours, and sometimes I will skate literally all day. When I’m in LA the weather is so nice that I just stay at the park until it closes.”

Favorite trick?

“My favorite trick is either the 360 flip or Nollie Heelflip. I remember trying to learn Nollie heel flips after school one night. I went to this parking lot by my house and just was trying and trying all night and didn’t land one! Now I can do them with my eyes closed, everything just takes practice.”


skating in front of people


How do RipClear products benefit you?

“RipClear products benefit me in many ways! I have a screen protector on my phone so it will never crack or scratch. I have one on my Go Pro which is a life-saver and protects the lens. Also the screen wipes are great and keep my lens clear! Im buying a new Canon HD camera very soon and will definitely be protecting my lens with RipClear products! They are great!”


skating on side stairs


What has been your biggest challenge since gaining recognition?

“My biggest challenge since gaining recognition is balancing everything and trying to keep everyone happy. In my mind there is a lot I still want to accomplish, but to some people looking in I’ve already made it, and that breeds envy. It’s also difficult balancing business and friends. Not everyone can come with you all of the time, but then again you don’t want to leave anyone behind. It bothers me a lot. I really want to help people achieve what they set out to do but I have to take care of myself, girlfriend (Kennedy), and family first. It’s just hard because I can feel myself moving forward and I see people around me stuck in place.”

How do you push through those challenges?

“I look to people who have been in my position and have made it even further for guidance in facing these challenges. Terry Kennedy, one of my biggest influences growing up and someone I now call my friend told me to take care of myself and family first and that’s all I can do. I can’t control the emotions of other people all I can do is stay positive and keep striving for my goals. You can’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your dreams!”


skating through street


Where do you see yourself in five years?

“In five years I see myself owning at least one home, being pro, owning a Bentley, and my brand “Gee” being world-wide.”

Where would you be today if you never picked up skateboarding?

“If I never picked up Skateboarding I have no idea where I would be. Skateboarding gave me purpose, before that I was kind of just going through the motions. I honestly have no idea where or who I would be because Skateboarding truly shaped me as a person, looking back it’s crazy all of the good things that have happened because of that piece of wood!”

What is some advice that you can give to an athlete who wants to pursue their passion of skateboarding?

“My advice to someone who wants to pursue their passion of Skateboarding would be to do it! And do it all the way, don’t be on the fence about it. You only have one life and you can do anything with it. If you are lazy in your early years and don’t pursue your goals with your whole heart and intentions in it you will look back and regret it. Don’t settle for a mediocre existence!”

“Thanks to all of my Sponsors and supporters! RipClear, Adidas Skateboarding, Blue Planet Eyewear, Monster Energy, GoPro, Freeway bearings, and Diamond Supply co ! ”


fixing board

Check out additional videos of Brandon and his skateboarding skills here…


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