Ripclear Athlete Sponsorship

Ripclear Athlete Sponsorship


Athlete Sponsorship Program

Ripclear receives thousands of letters each year inquiring about sponsorship.

Please follow the guidelines below to assist your application in receiving the attention it deserves.

Please submit your material no earlier than the official dates. Any applications received before or after these dates will not be reviewed.

Official Dates For Submissions

Jul 1 – Oct 1

Aug 1 – Nov 1

Jul 1 – Oct 1

May 1 – Jan 1

Aug 1 – Dec 31

May 1 – Jan 1

Jan 1 – Jul 1

Jul 1 – Oct 1

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So Let's See What You Got......

Please provide one or more action and lifestyle photo(s).
If you have been photographed or written about in a magazine or newspaper, include a copy or Url to the source.

Check out these examples:

  • gallery
  • gallery
  • gallery
  • gallery
  • gallery
  • gallery

For surf, wake, and snow only:

Be ready to show your edits doing what you do best!

Submit a 1 to 5 minute video showcasing your skills.

This is absolutely required if the segment manager for these sports has not seen you in action.

Applications for sponsorship are accepted via the form above and must include all assets you want considered. Please do not fax in your application. If you are having issues with the form, please contact us.

More information on Ripclear Athlete Sponsorship:

Are you a solid influencer in your chosen activity or sport? Do you make solid moves in your sport, across your social media and group of industry connections?

We believe in building connections that help both our sponsored athletes and also our own growth across many industries as well as across the digital realm. We rely on our athletes to bring something to the table for this relationship other than a few “rad” pictures of you doing a backflip or a link to your Instagram feed.

While we understand not everyone is a professional athlete, it is very important to us that each athlete we do sponsor considers this a relationship to build a future on.

We expect to work together at events you might be at; out in the field, combine efforts on content, share content both directions, cross promotions and receive feedback on Ripclear products in step with our product development.

The Ripclear Athlete Team is growing and we look forward to receiving your application to see what you are all about.

The RC Team




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