Ripclear FAQ

Ripclear FAQ

You have questions and we have answers with this detailed Ripclear FAQ. If you find you have more questions reach out to us on twitter @RipclearUSA or contact us on our customer service page!

What is Ripcelar?

Ripclear is a thin transparent plastic protective layer that adheres directly to your goggles, camera, or smartphone to prevent scratches and other damages. Think along the lines of protective screens but for your sensitive surfaces.
In each package there is a step by step application guide (You can also visit here for our guides). Start by peeling back tab one. Line up your rip clear to the correct orientation on your lens. Start at the center of your lens and gently work your way to the sides using the provided micro fiber cloth. After your Ripclear is applied wait until you are ready for use then remove tab 2. If bubbles form during application gently peel back and re-stick.
This is dependent on the user and the conditions. One Ripclear can keep your goggles protected for months. However, this product is designed to take the full force of any obstacles you may encounter so life spans will be variable to the preferences of the user. For instance, if you are a performance athlete, you might have more of a need for a single run or single day when compared to an average skier who might only need protection for the weekend or month.
When applied correctly, the answer is no! We have tested hundreds of plastics and designs to bring you the most transparent product possible. If applied properly the goggle lens protectors, cell phone cases and gopro protectors are 100% transparent. Ripclear’s film tightens when it’s introduced to the cold weather and your eyes should be completely adjusted within seconds.
Note: If you are not comfortable with your Ripclear on please remove them immediately, safety and comfort is important!
Ripclear can be customized by the user by simply using a pair of scissors or razor blade. Minor adjustments to your Ripclear goggle lens protector will not affect the integrity of the product, and is strongly recommended if the Ripclear does not fit perfectly onto your lens.
For no extra charge Ripclear will customize a shape for you. All you have to do is go to and specify what type of goggle it is you have. We have thousands of templates from all of the major goggle brands.
Ripclear is most effective against the elements, scratches, and for clarity. They are designed to be scratch resistant so you can keep your goggle lenses in perfect condition for longer. This means on those low visibility days you won’t have to think twice about giving your goggles a quick swipe with whatever is available (gloves, keys, sticks, credit cards, etc.) Ripclear is also designed to take the full force branches and other objects you may encounter on the mountain and leave your lens fresh and clear after impact. Ripclear is also great for travel. Your tote bag is full of equipment that is hazardous to the integrity of your lenses, leave a Ripclear on during transit and never pull out your goggles to find a dreaded lens divot again!



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