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Ripclear Camera Lens Protectors


Make every shot a clear shot!

 Your Ripclear Package Includes:

  • 2X or 5X Ripclear Camera Lens Protector
  • 2X Packaged Wet Lens Wipe
  • 1 Microfiber Cloth
  • Application Instructions
  • Resealable Bag For Storage
  • Ripclear Sticker
  • Our Love ♥
  • * Camera model

    * Package

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Product Description

Make every shot a clear shot!

The Ripclear camera lens protector ensures you’re camera lens stays clean and scratch free. Ripclear is fully optimized  for 100% clarity and protection of your lens. Even in the most extreme conditions, Ripclear will keep your camera lens in pristine condition! Dirt and debris are an easy fix, just rip away and start again fresh!

Ripclear camera lens protectors are a necessity in order to prolong the lifespan of your lens. Ripclear provides all the items needed to clean and protect your camera lens from  debris/impact scratches!

Ripclear offers everything you need to clean and protect your GoPro camera lens from scratches due to common incidents:

  • Wiping ice off your lens
  • Debris strikes from rough terrain
  • Branches in the glades
  • Even most accidental drops

Through testing in the toughest of elements, our Ripclear camera lens protectors are proven to hold up, providing the very best protection and optical clarity available.

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ripclear camera lens protectors - layers

Step One: Set up where you want to work

First you have to make sure you clean your hands with soap and water to remove any oils or dirt. Use the screen cleaner wipe to get any oils, dust, or dirt off your lens. The cleaner your surface the better the install will be.

Next use the microfiber cloth and make sure your lens is dry and all dust is removed. It is really important you remove every last speck of dust because if there is dust on the lens air bubbles will form around the dust. You can remove any remaining dust with the dust removal stickers.

Step two

Center your three layer Ripclear lens protector with your camera to ensure proper alignment. Then locate and peel Tab 1 to reveal the adhesive side.

Step three

Place and apply your lens protector to the bottom of your lens taking special care for precise alignment. Then, using the microfiber cloth, continue to push up and outwards to finish application.

If there are any bubbles that won’t go away that means there was still dust on your lens, refer to step one and do it right!

Step four

“Rip” your outer protective layer. Peel Tab 2 to reveal the fresh and clear protective film on your camera lens.