Ripclear Phone Screen Protectors


Protect your phone screen in all conditions!

Product Features:

Choose Your Setup:

  1. High Transparency
  2. Anti FingerPrint
  3. Water Resistant

Whats in the box:

  • 2X Ripclear Smart Phone Screen Protector
  • 2X Packaged Wet Lens Wipe
  • 1 Microfiber Cloth
  • Application Instructions
  • Resealable Bag For Storage
  • Ripclear Sticker
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Product Description

Protect your phone screen in all conditions!

Protect your phone from water and scratches with Ripclear smartphone screen protectors.  Ripclear supplies you with all the items needed to clean and protect your phone screen from any scratches or debris. Whatever environment you’re in, Ripclear will protect your screen while promoting optimal visual clarity. We’ve tested our screen protectors in the most extreme conditions and they are proven to hold up no matter what elements you face!

Ripclear offers everything you need to clean and protect your smartphone screen from extreme weather conditions:

  • Water-Resistance/Ice-Protection
  • Protection from scratches while wiping dirt off your screen
  • Protection form debris strikes from rough terrain
  • Decreases screen vulnerability from accidental drops

Ripclear phone screen protectors have you covered, even in the harshest of conditions; it’s our goal to keep your smart phone screen clean and scratch free!

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Ripclear phone screen protectors : How it works

Step one:  Set up where you want to work

First you have to make sure you clean your hands with soap and water to remove any oils or dirt. Use the screen cleaner wipe to get any oils, dust, or dirt off your screen. The cleaner your surface the better the install will be.

Next use the microfiber cloth and make sure your screen is dry and all dust is removed. It is really important you remove every last speck of dust because if there is dust on the screen air bubbles will form around the dust. You can remove any remaining dust with the dust removal stickers.

Step two:

Center your three layer Ripclear screen protector with your phone to ensure proper alignment. Then locate and peel Tab 1 to reveal the adhesive side.

Step three:

Place and apply your screen protector to the bottom of your screen taking special care for precise alignment. Then, using the microfiber cloth, continue to push up and outwards to finish application.

If there are any bubbles that won’t go away that means there was still dust on your screen, refer to step one and do it right!

Step four:

Awesome! Now that you’ve applied your Ripclear screen protector, “Rip” your outer protective layer. Peel Tab 2 to reveal the fresh and clear protective film on your smartphone screen.