Ripclear | THE solution to a scratched goggle lens!

Ripclear | THE solution to a scratched goggle lens!


The Dreaded Moment

Almost as bad as a scratched goggle lens

Picture this: You just bought a brand new pair of goggles, you’re stoked and you’re ready to hit the pow, then it happens. You drop your goggles in the parking lot and pick them up quickly, but it’s too late, your field of vision is cursed with a  gnarly scratch! That’s not a good start to the day!

Here’s another scenario: It’s just another day on the mountain and you’re riding through the glades. All it takes is a brush with a branch and you got yourself a scratched goggle lens. That’s a buzzkill!

How Ripclear works: prevents scratched goggle lens

So Fresh and So Clear

 Whether you’re a seasoned vet or you just hopped on the bunny hill, scratched lenses happen every day. Goggle lenses are  fragile, the slightest mistake can leave a scratch that will ruin your field of vision permanently. Replacement lenses are expensive and you won’t find them readily available in every shop. It is also not an option for you to buy a new pair of goggles every time you get a scratched lens, that could really get expensive.


There’s a simple and inexpensive solution to these problems: Ripclear.


Ripclear: THE solution to a scratched goggle lens

  • Keep your lens clear: Wipe away snow/ice/debris without the risk of damaging your lens.
  • Compatible with any goggle: Our Universal design will work with any brand/model, spherical or flat.
  • Easy application: Ripclear sticks onto your lens and is easily removed with no left over residue.
  • Maintain 100% clarity: With a 3-pack, easily change your rip when too many scratches accumulate.
  • Travel with confidence: Ripclear prevents any accidental damage during travel or storage.
  • Super clean: Each pack comes with cleaning wipes and a microfiber cloth to keep your lens fresh!
  • BE FREE! Ski with confidence that your goggle lens can stay clear through the harshest of terrain.

Ripclear lens protectors are the only way to keep your goggle lens clean and clear. Through comprehensive research, design, and testing, we ended up with Ripclear – goggle lens protectors . Gone are the days of scratched lenses and wasted dollars. Ripclear lens protectors are designed for high performance use to ensure maximum protection from a scratched goggle lens, keeping your lens 100% clear! Ripclear is the best way to keep your new goggle lens new and your old goggle lens clear. Don’t worry about what brand you have because our universal design will fit with any goggle frame, offering effective protection to your field of vision. Don’t stress about how it’ll look with your lens tint, our design is virtually invisible once applied to your goggles, offering you stealth protection!

Ripclear is the future of lens protection

Protect your lens today!

protect flat from scratched goggle lensprotect spherical from scratched goggle lens

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