Athlete Sponsorship Program

Ripclear receives a high volume of sponsorship inquiries each year.

Please follow the guidelines below to assist your application in receiving the attention it deserves.

Please submit your material no earlier than the official dates. Any applications received before or after these dates will not be reviewed.

Official Dates For Submissions

Aug 1 - Nov 1

Jul 1 - Oct 1

Jul 1 - Oct 1

May 1 - Jan 1

Aug 1 - Dec 31

May 1 - Jan 1

Jan 1 - Jul 1

Jul 1 - Oct 1


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Lets see what you got!

Please provide one or more action and lifestyle photo(s).

If you have been photographed or recieved recognition in a magazine or newspaper, include a copy or URL to the source.

Check out these examples:


Be ready to show your edits doing what you do best!

Submit a 1 to 5 minute video showcasing your skills.

This is absolutely required if the segment manager for these sports has not seen you in action.