Do you own sunglasses, a GoPro or a cell phone with a screen? So do we, and no matter how hard we try to avoid it, scratches happen. That's why we developed Ripclear.

Scratches compile on optical lenses and device screen over time, especially the more we use them, and eventually the visual clarity begins to degrade.  Ripclear's military-grade lens and screen protectors extend the life of your items and keep them looking new for much longer.

Our patented materials has passed every test thrown at them.  Engineered to preform in all weather and sport conditions, Ripclear has you protected. We’ve designed, engineered, and tested our products with the strictest testing standards. Standards, the US military demands from their technologies.




Ripclear is a patented self-adhesive clear film that protects optical lenses and electronic device surfaces from breakage, scratching, damage and dirt. The only product of its kind, Ripclear is the standard for lens protection. Product attributes include:

  • Ripclear Lens Protectors *Patented  The lens protection standard for both flat and spherical lenses. Works in all environments including wet and extreme hot/cold
  • Universal or Custom Shapes Fits Any Lens Apply your Rip to any lens with custom cut shapes for maximum protection. Ripclear is product-agnostic
  • Easy-to-Apply Thin Film with Simple Adhesive System Apply the Ripclear film in seconds so you can always be ready to charge any task or environment. We use a simple, non-permanent, low-tack adhesive.
  • “Invisible” Design – ANSI Z87.1 Rated Keeps your sight line scratch- and defect-free with certified military grade optical clarity and anti-fog protection
  • Fresh Cleaning Kits Clean and clear your lens with the proper tools! Our microfiber wet wipes and high-quality microfiber cloth come in every package




  • Environment: Ripclear works in all environments including wet and extreme hot/cold conditions. Ripclear resists sand, wind, dirt, snow, etc., and will not fog on a lens.
  • Versatility: Ripclear can be custom-cut for maximum protection on both flat and spherical lenses and surfaces. Ripclear is product-agnostic and will work with any lens.
  • Easy-to-Apply: The Ripclear film can be applied in seconds to a cleaned, dry lens. The film uses a simple, non-permanent, low-tack adhesive for easy removal and replacement.
  • Invisible Design: Ripclear has received the ANSI Z87.1-2010 rating for military-grade clarity for both flat and spherical lenses from the Colt Labs and Smith Optics lab. This certification ensures that the wearer sees as well with Ripclear as without it.


Optical lenses demand clarity of vision, unscratched and crack-free surfaces, and the ability to perform in all temperatures and climates. While proper cleaning and maintenance can help up to a point, wear and tear, dust and dirt, breakage and environmental conditions can ruin lenses, requiring them to be replaced, which can cost $50-$125 for standard lenses, and up to $300 to $500 for prescription lenses. Ripclear protects lenses imperceptibly, extending lens life and avoiding unnecessary replacement costs and the risk of injury.


Every device you own that has an optical component can benefit from Ripclear. Throughout your daily life, you constantly encounter situations that can scratch your gear. What is the point of paying top price for a pair of sunglasses, goggles or a cell phone, only to have the screen or lens ruined because of a few perfectly placed scratches in the middle of your vision path? Ripclear offers a clear advantage as a common sense way to protect your gear and give it a longer lifespan. You will experience the biggest benefit applying Ripclear when you first buy something new and the lens or screen is perfectly clear. At the same time, adding Ripclear to your used lens or screen will stop any future scratches.

Ripclear optical performance




Ripclear layers are the key to it’s amazing function. This layer system provides unmatched scratch protection, clear vision and ease of application.



It does not take an optics professional to see the difference between a scratched lens and one without scratches. See for yourself!



Ripclear is a clear film that adheres to almost any lens or screen. Once applied, it virtually disappears, leaving that look you love.

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