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Ripclear GoPro Hero Session Screen Protector

Ripclear GoPro Hero Session Screen Protector

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This Ripclear package includes:

  • 2 Ripclear screen protectors
  • 2 packaged wet lens wipes
  • 1 high-quality microfiber cloth
  • 4 dust removal stickers for easy application
  • 2 dust removal sheets
  • Clear application instructions
  • A Ripclear sticker

Ripclear's patented GoPro Screen Protectors are easy to apply, crystal clear, and the perfect solution to protecting your GoPro screens from scratches. We all know that scratches happen, even when we try to protect our lenses and screens. So, with Ripclear applied to your lens or screen, our innovative technology will keep your optics damage free and clear through the harshest use cases and weather conditions such as: sand, pavement, snow, ice, sleet, rain, and baking sun.

Core Features:

  1. We're crystal clear.  Ripclear's products are military grade ANSI Z87.1 rated for optical clarity.
  2. We'll take the damage you throw at your lens. Ripclear is the only solution to keep screens and lenses scratch free - simply peel and replace your protector after exposure to harsh conditions.
  3. We're affordable (and more convenient that replacing your entire GoPro lens).

Ripclear lens protectors are a patented thin-film technology that protects eyewear lenses and meets ANSI Z87 military rated clarity. 

Ripclear GoPro lens protectors
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