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Ripclear Cylindrical Medium Universal Snow Goggle Flat Lens Protector - 3 Pack

Ripclear Cylindrical Medium Universal Snow Goggle Flat Lens Protector - 3 Pack

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Your Ripclear Package Includes:

  • 3 Ripclear Lens Protectors
  • 3 Packaged Wet Lens Wipes
  • 1 High Quality Microfiber Cloth
  • 6 Dust Removal Stickers For Easy Application
  • 3 Dust Removal Sheet For Dust Removal
  • Clear Application Instructions
  • A Ripclear Sticker


Ripclear’s patented goggle lens protectors are easy to apply, crystal clear, and the perfect solution to protecting your premium ski or snowboard goggle lenses from scratches.

We all know that scratches happen, even when we try to protect our lenses. So, with Ripclear applied to your lens, our innovative technology will keep your optics damage free and clear through the harshest use cases and weather conditions such as: snow, ice, sleet, rain, and baking sun.

Core Features:

1. We’re crystal clear. Ripclear’s products are military grade ANSI Z87.1 rated for optical clarity.
2. We’ll take the damage you throw at your lens. Ripclear is the only solution to keep lenses scratch free because you can easily peel and replace your protector.
3. We’re affordable. Ripclear provides a much more affordable alternative compared to full lens replacement which costs $50 to $150 per lens.

Ripclear lens protectors are a patented thin-film technology that protects eyewear lenses and meets ANSI Z87 military rated clarity. Think, Screen Protectors For Lenses.

100% Guarantee: When you buy a Ripclear Snow Goggles lens protector, you can feel confident we stand by our product. If you have any issues reach out to us and we’ll make it right. You can rest assured Ripclear has you covered. If you’re not stoked, neither are we.

Don’t Let Scratches Take You Down.

Snow Goggles are not cheap and as you know, scratch way too easily. It’s a specific type of pain when you scratch a brand new pair of top-of-the-line goggles because you almost never see it coming. Sometimes it’s those low-hanging branches in the trees that come out of nowhere as you charge down a fresh line. Other times you just accidently drop them in the parking lot where every rock and chunk of ice is waiting to destroy your lens.

Despite the cost, scratches in your line of sight could put you in deep trouble on the mountain. Take care of those high-tech goggles and yourself with one simple solution: Ripclear Spherical Small Universal Goggle Lens Protector.

Ripclear’s ANSI Z87.1 military-grade clear lens protectors are super easy to apply, and will last you all season. The crystal clear, anti-scratch, patented technology can withstand blizzards, rime ice, snow guns, and parking lots (you’re welcome).

Our products are specifically designed to be crystal clear, durable, and affordable, so you can stock up for the season and protect your vision as well as your bank account. Protect your goggles so they can keep doing their job. Protect your gear with Ripclear.



Applying Ripclear To Your Ripclear Cylindrical Universal Goggle Is Easy!

Watch this application guide to see how to apply Ripclear perfectly to your Ripclear Cylindrical Large Universal
Goggle every time.
View our application guide here

Fits the Following Goggle Frames

Airblaster 89/90
Airblaster Cobra Dogs
Airblaster Script
Anon Relapse/Relapse MFI
Anon Relapse Jr. MFI
Anon Deringer MFI
Anon Helix
Anon M3 / MFI
Anon Figment
Arnette Series 3
Ashbury Warlock
Ashbury Kaleidoscope
Bolle Bumpy

Bolle Mojo
Bolle Nova II
Bolle Scarlett
Dragon D2
Electric EGV
Electric EG1K
Giro Siren
Giro Station
Giro Signal
Giro Dylan
Giro Index OTG
Giro Semi
Giro Focus

Julbo Meteor / OTG
Julbo Revolution / OTG
Nike Fade
Nike Mazot
Oakley E Frame
Scott Level
Scott Classic
Scott Fact
Scott Mia
Shred Monocle
Shred Soaza
Smith Cascade

Smith Monashee
Smith Cariboo
Smith Cadence
Uvex Craxx OTG
Uvex Fire
Uvex G.GL 300
Uvex II Stimu
Uvex II
Uvex Racer
Uvex Skyper VP
Uvex Snowstrike
VonZipper Beefy
VonZipper Trik

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